Google Adwords – Using Adwords To Make Money

You have an option to start making money online through someone else’s products. This manner of online money making is referred to as affiliate marketing, and by joining an affiliate program you would be capable of earning a commission of each sale you make. Although this sounds rather easy, in the initial stages you will need time, patience and a small amount of money. 

The first step is to register with an online affiliate program. There is a variety for you to choose from; however a particular well known one and the one I have first hand knowledge of is called Clickbank. Once you have reached the home page and signed up to Clickbank, you will need to go to the marketplace to check out the range of products that you could attach yourself to. Clickbank uses a technique where the products with a higher chance of making money are placed at the top of the listing. Some determining factors of the product placement include sales trends and how often a click is converted into a sale. 

The optimum product to sell is the one with high sales opposed to high commission. An even better option if you can find a product like this; high sales and high commission! When you have chosen your product, you need to click on the ‘hoplink’. This will inform you of your affiliate link, which you will need to copy and save for advertising purposes. 

Having an affiliate site is not going to make you money if you don’t advertise it. This next section will introduce you to advertising using Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a pay-per-click advertising program, and it can be accessed through the main Google search page. You will need to register with this program and it is very important that you read the editorial guidelines thoroughly. This will prevent you from having to redo ads with factors that Google prohibits. Once you have enrolled, you can start making your small advertisement which will be shown in Google search results. The advertisement needs to be attention-grabbing so as to lure potential buyers to it. Most importantly your ad must have relevant keywords in it. After all, the search is based on keywords. 

This is where you can send yourself broke if you’re not careful! You have to choose the keywords that will relate to your advertisement and therefore your site. Once you have chosen your keywords, Google will inform you of a price per click. You either accept this information and begin your advertising or delete it and try again. In the event that you accept and plan to start advertising, you need to decide on a budget. I recommend that you place a daily limit on your campaigns, because without one you will find that your invoice balance grows VERY quickly. A small amount per day will allow you to find a product that makes money for you, and then you might decide to increase your budget slightly for a time. You have to consider your budget while paying enough money to allow your ad to be in the first couple pages of the search listing. Once all this is done, you are required to finalize your account set up by notifying Google of your credit card details. Your Google account will be settled each month through this credit card. The good news is that your commission will be deposited into your click bank account after each sale. That is how to make money with affiliate programs and that is how you will build your bank balance.

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