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Carnegie General Insurance Agency was founded in 1988 to serve the growing need for auto insurance in the state of California. Today, Carnegie is processing insurance in two states and offers personal and commercial products for auto, motorcycle, collector automobiles, homeowners, watercraft, and renters. In 2017, Carnegie went live with One Inc Digital Payments for online one-time and recurring credit card and eCheck premiums payments across their lines of business.


For Bob Negrey, the Vice President of IT at Carnegie, there were two main issues to be addressed in their payments strategy:

  1. Customer Experience”We are a customer-focused organization, and the payment experience we were delivering wasn’t ideal. We required customers (policyholders and producers) to sign in twice to make a credit card payment. They were sent to a third-party web portal to input their credit card information, and it wasn’t optimized for mobile. Additionally, the sign-up process for recurring payments was not easy to use.“
  2. Disparate Technologies”We had two separate vendors handling payments—one for credit card transactions and one for eCheck. There was some duplication in effort to manage the two vendors, some added complications to reporting and reconciliation, and eCheck transactions were being batched and sent through a daily FTP process.“

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