Blogging – How to Write Blog Post Titles that Get Attention

The title of your blog post needs to catch attention. If it fails to catch attention, then people wont read the post. And the time spent writing the post will be wasted. The title is also used in the search engines. So the title needs to catch the attention of search engine users too. 

What are some techniques you can apply so your title gets attention?

First, you can include a benefit in your title. People want to know whats in it for them or what advantages they can gain. By including a benefit, youll get their attention and make them want to read your post. 

Another technique is to add urgency to your title. Urgency makes them want to read your post now rather than later. For instance, the title “Triple Your Productivity” is good because it has a benefit. 

But adding urgency will make it even better. For example, you could say, “6 Shocking Secrets Recently Discovered That Will Triple Your Productivity.” Or, “A Rare Scientific Breakthrough Proven to Triple Your Productivity.” The reader wants to learn those secrets or the breakthrough by reading the post now rather than later. 

You can also make your title specific to get attention. For instance, instead of “Boost Your Productivity,” you can make it more specific by saying, “8 Tips to Boost Your Productivity.” 

Another tip is to make your title unique. If your title is similar to other titles that exist, or if you use cliches, then itll be hard for your title to catch attention. Your title needs to stand out by being unique. So instead of “Boost Your Productivity,” you could say “Rapidly Increase Your Productivity By Applying These Secrets That Few People Know.” 

Ideally, youll want to include more than one of these 4 elements in your title. If you combine them, itll add more power to your title and really get attention.

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